Senior Solutions is proud to be an Authorized Independent Agent and Territory Sales Representative for the GPS SmartSole locating device.

GPS SmartSoles for Individuals and Families

You hear tragic stories too often about those who are confused, wander off, and become lost. Too often injuries are sustained, and sometimes an unnecessary death occurs.

I’m including this direct link to the product because I truly believe it’s a viable option for those who have health conditions that cause them to wander off and possibly to become lost. This locating device is appropriate for those with Alzheimer’s disease, unspecified dementia, autism or developmental disorders, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), and others.

Problem wandering creates unnecessary stress and worry, accidents and injuries and in some cases death. It is also the reason many people are prematurely admitted to health care facilities and are no longer able to live in their homes. Caregivers can lose their jobs because they have to leave work to respond to loved ones problems. By including this on my web page, I hope to save someone from nightmares that are the result of wandering.

GPS SmartSole is considered to be a medical device for problem wandering. Your doctor will need to write a prescription for it if you will be submitting it to your insurance company for reimbursement purposes.

Go to the SmartSoles website to read more about the company that designed GPS SmartSoles, and watch testimonial videos about the difference it is making in other caregivers lives.

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