“It’s a Wrap”

A Look Back at 2019

A lot of things are the same as they were in 1998 when Senior Solutions of Pinellas County was created. Then again, a lot has changed. For instance, I didn’t have any gray hair back then, I weighed 10 pounds less, and I didn’t have a cell phone. However, one thing’s for sure. Here at Senior Solutions of Pinellas County, we’re still laser focused on quality of life. 

We’re still finding solutions and sensible options for individuals and caregivers even when it first may appear there are none. We still take on some of the most challenging cases, and the glue to our “stick-to-it-tive-ness” in purpose and commitment, is solid as a rock. 

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for dementia, for the hurt it causes loved ones, or for the need to increase education for those who care for memory impaired patients. It is an in depth area of expertise. Competency is more than a certificate that says you’re qualified to provide services to those with dementia and other healthcare issues. It’s easy to spot those who think they have it, but don’t.

What keeps Senior Solutions dusting off the clapboard year after year like a movie director shooting the next scene? I’ll tell you. 

Each movie ends with the satisfaction of knowing that we have helped everyday people get through some of their most trying times as a caregiver or who are themselves aging with minimal support systems, and are vulnerable. 

We may have new actors in 2020, but we know what the characters need. We know how lives are affected, how relationships are stressed, how jobs can be lost, and how caregivers inadvertently put their own health at risk.