KalendarKards- Activity Reminder System for people with Early Stage Dementia
by Jane Ogilvie.

Photo by KalendarKards


KalendarKards- Activity Reminder System for People with Early Stage Dementia
by Jane Ogilvie.

Effective tools for in-home caregivers of loved ones with dementia are critical to maintaining good health, independence, safety and quality of life. If you haven’t heard about KalendarKards, let me introduce you to them.

For those still living at home and active but are forgetting things, an easy to use reminder system will be ideal. KalendarKards does just that. Family members can assist in setting it up and with a little follow up, help ensure important tasks get done when scheduled.

Some examples of what KalendarKards can remind people of are:

1.     Taking medications

2.     Doctor, dentist, and other appointments or meetings

3.     Drinking water to stay hydrated or eat their meals

4.     Locking the doors & charging telephone at night

5.     Feeding pets, walking them, and bringing them back inside.

Without a doubt, the KalendarKards system can provide reminders for everything when the user and caregivers work with each other.

Baby Boomers will be able to relate when you hear KalendarKards creator Dave Wiederrich explain what inspired him to invent KalendarKards. Check out this short You Tube video here:

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