From the beginning, our philosophy has always been,
“If it’s not good enough for my mom or dad, it’s not good enough for yours”.

Senior Solutions of Pinellas County provides short and long-term consultation services depending upon client needs, budget, and preferences. We are available to make regularly scheduled visits to ensure needs are being met or occasional visits if situations are more stable.

We will visit and assess your loved one(s) whether still hospitalized, in the Emergency Room, in a Continuing Care Community, stand-alone assisted living, or still at home. Through assessment, we will prioritize needs, develop a plan to address the needs, and help locate appropriate care.

We’re experienced in implementing the plans, providing referrals to competent and case-tested service providers, monitoring outside service providers, and the client’s progress. At various points in time we will reassess the situation, establish new goals if needed, and communicate and coordinate at all times with the legally responsible parties.

We respond to emergency situations that arise and work with both local and long distance caregivers. Accurate communications are prompt in order to decrease worry. Doing so prevents unnecessary time off from work and may decrease or eliminate travel expenses.

Should it be required, we are experienced in coordinating moves, monitoring medications, accompanying to doctors appointments, and visiting post surgically or after other treatment procedures.

Sometimes just meeting with the elderly loved one and their family is a good way to begin. Many times a consultation with the responsible family member to discuss feelings of guilt, the new experience of becoming a parent to your parent(s), fear, whether its time for Hospice and other subjects like this, is extremely helpful.

Bringing order to what can be an overwhelming time for clients and their families is our goal.