Dental Care IS Health Care- So Why is it So Hard To Get As We Age? 

  By Jane Ogilvie, Elder Care Issue Consulting

February 22, 2016

 Dental care ought to be a priority for the senior health care industry. We pay attention to nutrition, promoting dignity, maintaining muscle strength, medications, have specialized activity plans to match abilities, and think about body, mind, and spirit. ALF’s and Skilled Care Facilities focus on these things daily. But what are we doing to improve oral care, and why does it matter?

 Seniors have a LOT of worries. For many, cost of care is the biggest barrier when retired and on a fixed income. Multiply this example by a few hundred thousand.

Physical decline and inability to get to a dentist’s office is another barrier. It would be helpful if “in place” care was more available to seniors.

Dental Care IS Health Care. Read what the American Dental Association says about how good oral care can affect your health.

Let’s connect the dots, help decrease medical expenses, and improve oral care for the elderly. Support those organizations that do, and be part of the solution in whatever way you can.